Do You Need Electric Equipment Repair Services?

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Our team at Electric Power Systems has extensive experience working on industrial electric equipment. We specialize in designing, building, and repairing electrical infrastructure such as transformers, and we can help you keep your equipment in good condition. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to tell if you need electric equipment repair services.

Do You Need Electric Equipment Repair Services?

  • Electrical Arcs – One sign you may need electric equipment repair is electrical arcing between points. Electrical arcing is a phenomenon where electrical current leaps between two points, even if they are not touching. If you see sparks coming from an outlet when you go to plug something in, then you have a problem with arcing, and you should call our team to get the repairs you need.
  • Burning – Electrical arcing is typically caused by loose wiring or improper connections, and it can cause various problematic side effects. For example, you will probably notice your outlets starting to become discolored, which means the heat from the electrical current is burning the covers. If you notice this kind of discoloration or smell smoke or burnt plastic, we encourage you to schedule electric equipment repairs right away.
  • Inconsistent Current – A third sign you need electric equipment repair services is inconsistencies in the flow of electrical current. The easiest way to identify these inconsistencies is to pay attention to your lighting—if the lights in your facility are flickering, there’s probably a problem with the current regulation. Our team has the right experience to figure out what is causing this issue and implement an effective solution.