How Industrial Microwave Manufacturing Differs from Consumer-Grade Microwave Manufacturing

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Although industrial microwaves and standard household microwaves use the same technology to heat their contents, they are quite different from one another in a variety of ways. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their manufacturing processes have many differences as well. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways industrial microwave manufacturing differs from consumer-grade microwave manufacturing.

 Industrial Microwave Manufacturing

  • Size- As you might expect, industrial microwaves tend to be larger than regular microwaves because they need to heat larger quantities of materials at a time. The larger size helps food processing factories and other industries create products more efficiently, so industrial microwaves must be manufactured to be larger in size.
  • Safety Features- The addition of various safety features is one part of the industrial microwave manufacturing process that isn’t necessarily part of the consumer-grade microwave manufacturing process. Industrial microwaves may have safety interlocks, leak detectors, alarms, or other features you wouldn’t find on a regular microwave.
  • Customization- Regular microwaves generally have one purpose: to reheat food. In contrast, industrial microwaves have a wider variety of intended uses. Some industries may use them to heat food, while others might also use them for curing, drying, or even sterilizing materials. Because industrial microwaves are used for various purposes, there may need to be a certain degree of customization during the manufacturing process.

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