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We manufacture motor controls for the efficient, reliable use of electrical equipment.

For every motor that exists, some type of electrical control is required, from complex variable speed applications to simple on/off commands. Motor control devices usually encompass several manual controls, drives and soft starters, and contractors and starters for efficient and reliable operation of the motor. Your operations likely require a variety of motor controls, and since each is comprised of different mechanisms, they cannot all be controlled by a singular device. Therefore, you need different motor controls for varying components that complete the purpose required of your equipment.

Motor Controls

At Electric Power Systems, we design, manufacture, and produce motor controls that serve a variety of purposes. For example, we can produce motor controls that engage a motor into reverse or forward rotation or even regulate and limit the torque and rotary speed to protect against overloads and electrical fails.

After trusting us with your project, we will build your motor controls according to your exact specifications. Although we will suggest and advise when prompted, using our years of experience to your project’s benefit, we will ensure you receive the exact component or assembly you require for your operations.

Offering top-of-the-line products and superior manufacturing process, we are a growing leader in the electrical industry. To discuss requirements for your motor controls, please contact us at Electric Power Systems today. You will be connected directly to our owner to discuss the terms of your project and receive specific information about how to proceed.

At Electric Power Systems, we can build motor controls for those in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Norfolk, Virginia; San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Houston, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.


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