Signs It’s Time to Consider Transformer Repair and Rebuild

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There are a variety of reasons why your transformers may eventually fail, but it’s not usually due to age. Common causes of transformer failure include external faults, local overheating, insulation failures and short circuit faults. When your transformers fail, your choices are to replace them or to attempt transformer repair and rebuild. There are definite advantages to choosing transformer repair and rebuild, especially when you have a trusted partner to complete this work, like us here at Electric Power Systems.

Signs It’s Time to Consider Transformer Repair and Rebuild

If you are having a problem with any electrical systems, there is a chance that a transformer may be the root cause. Finding this root cause starts with a thorough visual inspection. Here are some of the signs we look for during these inspections that are definite indications it’s time to consider transformer repair and rebuild:

  • Bulges along the exterior of the transformer
  • Burn marks anywhere on the transformer or nearby
  • Incorrect voltage or no voltage (which can indicate a problem with the control or control board)

Once the visual inspection is completed, we have electrical control procedures to follow if the root cause has still not been determined. Once a cause has been identified, we are able to determine the best rehabilitation steps and give you an accurate timeline for your transformer repair and rebuild needs. Getting your transformer repaired or rebuilt can save you significant amounts of money when compared to the cost of replacement. It can also get your electrical current back to where it needs to be faster.