How the Transformer Coil Rewind Process Works

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When it comes to making repairs, there are some projects that you or your team can comfortably and competently handle in-house, and others that you should really leave up to the professionals. We at Electric Power Systems are here to tell you that any transformer coil rewind project falls firmly into the second category, as these components are highly dangerous if not handled properly. Our team encourages you to give us a call when you need a transformer coil rewind job done right, but we also believe in giving you the information you need to understand all parts of your property and how it works. To do that, in this article we’ll be going over the basics of how a transformer coil rewind works.

How the Transformer Coil Rewind Process Works

The first step in the process is to calculate the necessary voltage and frequency for your transformer. Once our team at Electric Power Systems has done that, we’ll disassemble the transformer unit. Our team will remove any screws, then carefully break the seal of enamel that insulates it and remove that protective layer, and the additional layers beneath that–this is a difficult process that requires a lot of care and concentration, as rushing this step could result in your transformer’s wires being badly damaged. The next step is to unwind the secondary coil and calculate the turns per volt ratio, or how much energy flows through each turn of the coil. Once we calculate that, we’ll select the right new wire for your coil and install it expertly.

We at Electric Power Systems hope that this article has been helpful. If you are in need of transformer coil rewiring, just give us a call.