Microgrids and the Need for
Custom Electric Products

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You don’t have to be a doomsday enthusiast to recognize that there are vulnerabilities to our country’s power grid. Anything from severe weather to security threats could cause massive power outages. The military is hard at work considering national security and the increasing threats to our electric grid. It is well-known that our adversaries would love nothing more than to launch attacks on this critical infrastructure and hackers have already proven capable of breaking into the grid. To combat this threat, steps are being taken to create microgrids using custom electric products, so that there are many different, separate power grids that, while connected to the main grid, can operate separately should the need arise.

create microgrids using custom electric products

Large commercial operations, communities, and even cities can establish a microgrid utilizing custom electric products. The ultimate goal is to produce the same amount of energy that is being used so that no matter how long the main grid is down, power is assured for critical needs. There are many microgrid activities going on around the country including a microgrid powered jail in Dublin, California and the larger one in Fort Collins, Colorado.

At Electric Power Systems, we offer a wide variety of electrical products, and we are equipped to make custom electric products for any type of situation, including microgrids. We create transformers, substations, switchgear, inductors, and much more. We also provide a variety of services, including transformer testing, coil rewind, and repair and rebuild. Contact us today if we can be a part of your microgrid project or other power needs.