Our Process for Manufacturing Custom Transformers

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At Electric Power Systems, we manufacture high-quality custom transformers for our clients. If you need custom transformers for your application, we will exceed your expectations with the final outcome of your product and the level of service we provide during manufacturing.

Our Process for Manufacturing Custom Transformers

While every project is different, we follow a general process when manufacturing custom transformers:

  • Solidify the specifications—When creating custom transformers, the primary and secondary voltage, current, power rating, frequency, and physical dimensions must be determined prior to any other step. Identifying these specifications will guide the design and manufacturing process.
  • Design the transformer—The transformer design process involves selecting core materials, calculating the winding turns and wire gauges, and determining the core size and shape of the new transformer.
  • Assemble the core and windings—We will assemble the core and the windings in a way that minimizes air gaps and maximizes the magnetic coupling. We will also secure these windings to prevent them from shifting during operation.
  • Test and verify—We will test the transformer to ensure its performance. We will use a variety of equipment to measure parameters like impedance, losses, and turn ratios. We will then adjust the windings and other components as necessary to meet the component specifications.
  • Install and integrate—Once we have verified that the transformer is ready for use, we will install the custom transformer according to mounting, grounding, and cooling specifications.

Do you have questions about our process for manufacturing custom transformers? Contact us today!