The Most Common Applications for Inductors

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Inductors are a type of passive electronic component that stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. Inductors are designed to resist changes in current and are used in a variety of electrical and electronic applications today.

The Most Common Applications for Inductors

Some of the most common applications for inductors in the commercial and industrial sector include the following:

  • Transformers—Transformers are made up of two or more inductors. These transformers share a magnetic field and are used to either step up or step down voltage levels in an electronic unit.
  • Inductive load protection—Inductors can be used to limit and control the rate of change within a current, providing protection against sudden current surges and voltage spikes.
  • Oscillators—Along with capacitors, inductors are key components of LC oscillators. These generate waveforms in many different applications, such as in clock circuits.
  • Sensors—Some sensors work based on a change in inductance, which occurs due to the presence of an object. These sensors are often used in manufacturing processes and in automation.
  • Chokes—In many cases, inductors are used as chokes to either block or suppress high-frequency noise or interference within electronic circuits. These applications are typically found in RF circuits and in power supplies.

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