What are the Advantages of Iron Core Inductors?

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We at Electric Power Systems have extensive experience in the electrical industry, and we are familiar with the various components that make electrical systems work. Our team has the right knowledge and skills to work on everything from transformers and power stations to inductors and fuses. In this article, we will focus on iron core inductors, explaining what they are and the advantages they offer over other options, such as air core inductors.

What are the Advantages of Iron Core Inductors?

  • What are iron core inductors? Iron core inductors are electrical components whose purpose is to store electrical energy. They consist of a coil of copper wire wrapped around a core cylinder made of iron—sometimes the core is solid iron, but more frequently, the iron is coated in a protective layer of insulating material to improve the inductor’s performance. When electrical current runs through the wire, it creates a magnetic field, which the iron core intensifies. This process allows energy to be stored in the magnetic field.
  • Advantages of iron core inductors:
    • Greater Energy Storage – Compared to air core inductors, more energy can be stored in iron core inductors. This is because the iron core causes more energy to be inducted per loop in the coil.
    • Compact Size – Because of their greater capacity for electrical inductance, iron core inductors can be more compact than air core inductors. They can create a similar level of inductance and power storage with fewer coils of wire.
    • Reduced Eddy Current – Lastly, the lamination on the core of iron core inductors reduces the risk of creating eddy currents, or current fluctuation. Eddy currents can lead to power losses and overheating, so protecting against them is always wise.