Frequently Asked Questions about Shore Power Substations

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Here at Electric Power Systems, we specialize in manufacturing and installing a variety of key electrical components, and one of those components is shore power substations. Our team believes in giving customers like you the information you need to make informed decisions about what’s best for your operation. To do that, in this article we’ll be going over some of our most frequently asked questions about shore power stations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shore Power Substations

  • What do shore power stations do? To put it simply, shore power stations provide electricity to charge boat batteries and keep their engines running on the water. These stations also provide the power needed to run any appliances or systems on board that rely on alternating current, such as a microwave.
  • How do I connect to shore power substations? Whether you are new to boating or just need a refresher, our team at Electric Power Systems wants to help you ensure that you can always connect to shore power stations when you need to. First, find the substation on your dock, which will look like a sort of tower or pedestal. On this “power pedestal” there will usually be two female connectors–covered by protective hinged lids–and a circuit breaker. You should have a marine cord, usually yellow in color and 25-50 feet long, with a male and a female connector. Connect the female connector to the male outlet on your vessel, then plug the male connector on the other end into the female receptacle on the substation. This system is designed so that you can’t accidentally attach it wrong, as it only works in one direction.
  • What if my plug or amperage doesn’t match? Lastly, we at Electric Power Systems recommend keeping a set of adaptors on board just in case you find yourself at a power station that uses a different amperage than your vessel. For example, if your boat uses 30A but you’re at a 50A dock, the right adapter will ensure that you can still get the power you need without risking your system.