Servicing Electrical Equipment After a Merger

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If your company has recently been part of an acquisition or merger, then you’ll already have begun to take stock of the new facilities that will be a part of your company. While many corporate people may have toured facilities prior to an acquisition, there are still some important steps to take to ensure that everything is running smoothly. One of the most important things to put on the checklist is the servicing of electrical equipment at any and all of the newly acquired sites.

Servicing Electrical Equipment After a Merger

Although a facility may seemingly be in good condition and operating well, there are some important reasons to have the electrical equipment audited and serviced during an acquisition. To start, you’ll want to maintain the facility’s required code for safe operation and ensure that it can be outfitted with the proper electrical equipment for new operations or improvements to the existing equipment.

One of the benefits of servicing electrical equipment immediately following any business merger or acquisition is that it gives you a true idea of the condition of the electrical equipment and any expectations you may have for production. It also gives corporations an opportunity to invest in immediate improvements prior to any other changes at a plant or operations facility.

In the event that a merger or acquisition will result in the closing of one or more facilities, having the electrical equipment checked prior to doing so will ensure that the facilities can be properly shut without risk of electrical instability or damage for the foreseeable future.

At Electric Power Systems, we are prepared to service, repair, or custom build any electrical equipment you might need for facilities that have been recently acquired. If you are interested in learning more about our services or need to schedule a consultation, contact us today.