Special Considerations of Electrical Equipment for Medical Facilities

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Sufficient power is a critical factor for businesses in all industries and economic sectors and many have unique requirements to consider so that the electrical system and electrical equipment is designed and constructed appropriately. The healthcare industry is no exception as the electrical system requirements are developed with human life in the balance.

electrical equipment is designed and constructed appropriately

There are generally two parts to the electrical system for hospitals and other medical facilities – the essential electrical equipment system and the non-essential system. The non-essential component handles normal loads for things that may not need an alternate power source, whereas the essential system involves significant risk in the form of major or minor injury or death to patients if there is an outage.

For the electrical equipment to be up to medical standards, it must be extremely reliable and include plans for an alternate power supply should the municipal power grid fail due to demand overloads, weather, or other conditions. The system must also have a series of transfer switches with some being non-delayed automatic, some delayed automatic, and others operated manually. Another critical component of electrical equipment for medical facilities is exceptional ground-fault protection.

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