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We have the right experience to keep your switchgear in optimal condition.

Our team at Electric Power Systems has been working on electric systems for many years, and we are familiar with all the various parts that make your system work. One of the most important parts of any electric power system is the switchgear, which consists of fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnect switches to control the various circuits in your building and prevent them from interfering with each other. If your switchgear is malfunctioning, you can turn to us to get the expert repair or replacement services you need to restore your system to optimal condition.

Switchgear in Jacksonville, Florida

Whether your switchgear needs to be repaired, replaced, or just needs routine maintenance, you can trust our team to provide the outstanding services you deserve. We have the right experience to assess your switchgear to determine what, if anything, is wrong with it, and we can restore it to excellent condition. In cases where the switchgear needs to be replaced, we will work with you to create new switchgear that meets all your system’s needs, and we’ll take care of the installation process for you. If you have questions about our switchgear services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get more information—we’ll be happy to provide the answers you need.

We are proud to serve the community here in Jacksonville, Florida, and we want to help you take care of all your electrical power needs. If you are looking for a team you can trust to provide high-quality switchgear, simply give us a call.

At Electric Power Systems, we can build switchgear for those in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Norfolk, Virginia; San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Houston, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.